Monday, 20 September 2010


A very welcome day off on Sunday brought fun and games on Hog Island.Gypsy Blues organised a Kayak tug o' war competition off the beach by Roger's bar. Teams of 2 (one in the dinghy, the other in the water) fought it out, trying to pull the opposition's kayak across the anchored marker, a rather fetching decoy duck. Rules were loose and cheating obligatory, leading to kayaks being turned over and the duck being moved! Three heats later, we actually managed to win, mainly due to Nic's deadly tactics in the water. I just kept madly paddling in the kayak until the whistle blew.
Today work has been rained out; will we ever get these jobs finished?! I am looking at the brand new paint I applied this morning to various spots in the scuppers which are now immersed in a river of rain water, not ideal but it's a welcome opportunity to fill the tanks.
We have also pulled the dinghy out to re-glue it yet again. Thanks to the incredibly kind Gypsy Blues, we won't be boat-bound for days this time, they have generously lent us their spare dinghy to use.

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