Thursday, 9 September 2010


We've finally finished stripping the coach roof and have got a few layers of paint on. The weather is not cooperating...a torrential downpour stopped work yesterday and it has been raining continuously today. Open bolt holes cause us to have plastic trays under the ceiling in the saloon to catch water coming through!

We've also started work on the decks and, just to make life more difficult, had to take off a pulley which had not been installed properly. This entailed dismantling part of a bedroom cupboard (my clothes are now sitting out) and emptying part of the saloon storage. The disruption expands daily! Nic had just removed a couple of bolts before the deluge began yesterday and within seconds we had water pouring in from the river running along the scuppers.

The generator parts arrived and Nic installed them but we still have the same problem so investigations are ongoing with no solution in sight. We've been here a month now and haven't yet even started a single job that we came here to do. Very frustrating!

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